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New Students: My First Quarter Classes

If you're a new student at De Anza, you must complete orientation to learn important information to help you succeed. Completing orientation is also a state-required step for priority enrollment. The sooner you complete orientation and the other necessary steps, the sooner you qualify for priority enrollment.

At orientation, you'll get help in selecting your classes. If you need to register for classes before completing orientation, use these guidelines.

1. Take These Classes First
  • Check markStart with English or ESL and Math courses after taking your placements tests.

  • Check markYou could also take some of your general education courses.
2. Which General Education Courses Should I Take?

All students who plan to transfer or obtain a degree from De Anza must complete general education classes.


There are several different patterns to follow for general education requirements. One common general education option is called IGETC, which is short for Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum.

  • Check markDownload and review the IGETC courses list (PDF).
    • IGETC general education courses count for both the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU).
    • Courses on IGETC can also be found on De Anza College‚Äôs general education pattern, if you wish to obtain an Associate Degree.
    • Taking courses on IGETC works for various goals!

  • Check markBegin taking courses from these areas listed. See IGETC courses list (PDF).
    • Area 3, including courses from 3A: Arts and 3B: Humanities
    • Any course from Area 4: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Note: After developing a complete educational plan, you may switch to a different general education pattern, but the courses you have completed on IGETC will be valuable and not be wasted.

3. Look at Your Transfer and/or Degree Requirements

You will learn more about your requirements for your major in orientation, but you could begin taking courses designated for transfer students and students earning an associate degree.

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